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Devastation, Dreams & Debuts
Many a film and TV series aired throughout the past seventy years has featured varying aspects of World War Two and the Holocaust—some inspiring, some heroic, all tragic. Opening Night, a rousing new movie debuting on January 27, 2014 in honor of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, allows contemporary adults and teens to relate to the six million individual stories behind the Holocaust.
With heart-stopping drama and emotional intensity, Opening Night poignantly exhibits the suffering and agony that survivors bear throughout their lives. Though physically liberated from the hellish fires of Auschwitz, a part of their soul forever remains smoldering in the flames of the crematoria.

Using Cinema to Counter Anti-Semitism
The alarming resurgence of anti-Semitism in Europe and its slow but steady infiltration into North America united producer Cecelia Margulies, a daughter of Holocaust survivors, and director Danny Finkelman, a prominent member of the Orthodox Lubavitch Hassidic community. This dynamic duo assembled a crew of professional actors—Jews, Christians and Muslims alike—to create a spectacular video masterpiece.
Before it hits theaters, Opening Night will be marketed to film festivals with the imperative goal of preserving and expanding awareness of the Holocaust as the number of living survivors dwindles and Holocaust deniers proliferate.

From Broadway to the Holocaust Film
The leading actor of Opening Night is none other than internationally-acclaimed Broadway star and cantor Dudu Fisher who has been hailed on stages throughout the world for his famous Broadway hit performance as Jean Valjean in the musical Les Misérables. This is Fisher’s first time appearing in a big-screen production.

The Everlasting Pain of the Holocaust Survivor
Opening Night exhibits the heart-wrenching tale of Mark, a survivor of Auschwitz, who seeks to reconcile with his grown-up son and finds himself thrust against his will into a battle to confront a past he strived for years to forget. Set in 1971, the film flashes back to Poland of 1939, to a younger Mark whose dazzling career as a performer is abruptly terminated by the rise of Nazi terror, and whose loved ones are carted away to the crematoria. As the story proceeds, Mark finally triumphs over internal conflict and, buoyed by the devotion and support of his family, churns out the performance of a lifetime.

Produced by Cecelia Margulies and directed by Danny Finkelman of Sparks Next Productions, with cinematography by Mauricio Arenas, Opening Night is the riveting, touching account of an emotionally-tormented, aging Holocaust survivor finally making peace with a buried past in a concerted effort to build a brighter future.

Teaching the Legacy and Tragedy Through the Arts
Born in Stockholm to Holocaust survivor parents, Cecelia Margulies is a brilliant author and producer who wrote extensively of the issues closest to her heart including Israel, the Holocaust, and the individuals and stories that touched her life. Beyond the wide-screen, Margulies, also a gifted composer, expresses her ideals and sentiments through music, transmitting the importance of Holocaust remembrance through melody and song. Her first album, Harmony (1990), featured fifteen original songs in Hebrew and English.
Margulies co-chaired a Holocaust tribute event which first aired The Spirit of Survival, a musical production created in association with Rami Yedid to honor Holocaust survivors, all of whom, as Cecilia says, are true heroes. She also serves as Vice President of the Jossi Berger Holocaust Study Center in Jerusalem which promotes Holocaust studies for college students in Israel, and is a freelance writer for the Jewish Press and “Lest We Forget” Emunah Newsletter. More recently, she teamed up with music video director Danny Finkelman to release short films and music videos based on her original compositions. One of them, Rainbow in the Night, filmed in Krakow, Poland, features cantor Yanky Lemmer portraying the quintessential Holocaust Jew.


Cecelia Margulies
Born in Stockholm as the daughter of Holocaust survivors, writes about issues that are close to her heart: Israel, the Holocaust and the people and stories that have touched her life. As a composer, she transmits the message of Holocaust remembrance through her music. Her first album, “Harmony” was released in 1990 and featured 15 songs in Hebrew and English which she composed and wrote the lyrics to. Cecelia also co-chairs a Holocaust commemoration which presents the “Spirit of Survival” musical honoring survivors with Rami Yadid. In addition to her musical endeavors, Cecelia is Vice President of the Jossi Berger Holocaust Study Center in Jerusalem, which focuses on Holocaust studies for college students in Israel as well as a freelance writer for the Jewish Press and the “Lest We Forget” Emunah Newsletter.

Lately, Cecelia teamed up with music video director Danny Finkelman and released short films and music videos based on her music. One of them was “Rainbow in the night” shot in Krakow, Poland which features cantor Yanky Lemmer as he portrays a survivor during the holocaust.
Her latest short film “Opening Night” Starring Dudu Fisher as a holocaust survivor in 1971 that is hunted by past memories and gets a unique opportunity to fix his relationship with his son.


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